Case Results

JM vs. KM

Contested divorce where parties had complicated issues surrounding the marital home. Attorney Helmbrecht devised a term in the divorce decree where the parties could keep the children in the marital home and later determine the equity split. Case was headed for trial but Attorney Helmbrecht negotiated several terms for the divorce decree that ultimately ended in a better result for her client.

State vs. Anvar I.

CDL driver in an accident where he struck telephone lines to avoid an accident. Attorney Helmbrecht argued for a dismissal, case dismissed.

State vs. James G

Out of state CDL driver where anything above 5 miles over would cause termination of his employment. Attorney Helmbrecht negotiated the case down to a zero point speed with 5 miles over the limit.

State v. Prince

Canadian driver charged with carrying Hazardous Waste within 270. Attorney Helmbrecht negotiated the case down to a minor misdemeanor from a misdemeanor of the 1st degree as the higher level of misdemeanor would cause problems with crossing the Canadian/US border.

KB vs. BB

Dissolution case where parties worked with each attorney for a swift resolution of their case. Attorney Helmbrecht understood her client's desires to effectively resolve the case in a competent and efficient manner. Case closed in less than six months.

City of Lima v. Sarabjit S.

Client charged with speeding with 2 points potentially on record and $150.00 fine. Client is a Commercial Driver (CDL) and job is on the line if convicted with points. Attorney negotiated a resolution of zero points offense.

City of Columbus v. Shelton G.

Client charged with Driving Without a Valid License (a Misdemeanor of the 1st Degree) and Driving without Insurance (a Misdemeanor of the 1st Degree) with maximum fines of $1000.00 and 180 days in jail. Attorney fought to get the case dismissed.

City of Columbus v. Jay P.

CDL client charged with speeding. Client would lose his job if convicted with points. Attorney fought to get client accepted into diversion and case dismissed.

City of Delaware v. Aweis A.

CDL client charged with Right of Way when Turning Left which resulted in an accident. This is a 2 point violation and $150 maximum fine. Attorney fought to get client's case dismissed with client taking an online driving class and paying court costs.

M v. M

Highly contested divorce case where Attorney represented Wife in a long-term marriage. Attorney assisted client in reaching an amicable resolution which resulted in settlement without litigation.

S v. S

Dissolution case where Attorney assisted clients in resolving all issues involving marital debt and assets. Client wanted to resolve the case quickly and efficiently, and Attorney assisted her in reaching a resolution without trial.

State v. Alverta W.

Client charged with 32 counts of felony theft of the fifth degree. A felony of the fifth degree is punishable by six-12 months in prison but has a presumption of community control with a maximum fine of $2,500. Case dismissed after attorney Helmbrecht negotiated a resolution.

State v. Paulino A.

Client charged with assault and domestic violence, both first-degree misdemeanors. Client faced jail time up to 180 days for each offense, probation and a $1,000 fine. Client also had serious deportation issues, if convicted of either offense. Attorney Helmbrecht resolved the case with a reduction to a minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

State v. Sheena G.

Client charged with speeding at 87 mph in a 70 mph zone and was concerned a conviction would impact her driving record. The charge was punishable with a maximum fine of $150 but would place two points on her driving record. Attorney Helmbrecht obtained a not guilty verdict at trial when the court found reasonable doubt with the prosecution's evidence.

K. v. L.

Child custody case involving unmarried parents. Attorney Helmbrecht helped the father obtain equal parenting rights and become the school placement parent.

State v. Tim K.

Client charged with speeding in a construction zone, 67 mph in a 45 mph zone. This offense has two points and a heightened fine due to the construction zone. Attorney Helmbrecht fought the case and obtained a resolution that did not result in any points for the client.