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Traffic offenses that could disqualify you from obtaining a CDL

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Traffic Law

The typical driver views their driving privileges differently from truckers. Standard drivers can receive a speeding ticket and primarily be concerned about the fine and small hit on their license demerit points. Truck drivers and other commercial operators have a wider range of issues that could result in infractions of any type even when they are not officially on the clock. Behavior behind the wheel when not on duty can still present problems because it is an indication of all-around driving practices. Here a few specific offenses that all CDL holders want to avoid because of collateral damage from a citation.


The most unacceptable citation for all professional commercial drivers with respect to anything other than being involved in an accident is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Professional drivers are held to a much higher standard than novice drivers, including when they are not on official duty. Drinking and driving is totally unacceptable for commercial drivers according to all traffic laws.

Felony convictions

While individuals who have a felony conviction on their criminal record cannot be restricted from being issued a professional drivers license, those who are convicted for using a commercial vehicle to conduct a felonious criminal action can have serious legal problems. Professional drivers hold specific privileges with respect to traffic laws, and violating those privileges can have significant negative consequences. Staying within the limits of the law is vital for all commercial drivers license holders, and especially when criminally abusing the authorization.

Commercial drivers should never accept the position of the court when facing criminal charges for driving while on duty or any other time. Call a legal professional as soon as possible for solid legal representation.