Any ticket can be significant – Protect Your Record!
Any ticket can be significant –
Protect Your Record!
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Put A Defense Attorney On Your Side Today

Without proper defense and legal representation, criminal charges could derail your life. Attorney Laura Helmbrecht provides experienced and skilled defense to individuals throughout Ohio who have been accused of criminal wrongdoing and offenses that could result in serious sentencing and penalties.

No matter what type of charge you are facing — from misdemeanor to felony — she can provide the strategies you need. Do not hesitate to call her Columbus law office now to arrange a consultation: 614-370-7897.

Skilled Navigation Of The Criminal Justice System — Defense On Your Side

Criminal charges vary in severity. A misdemeanor could be something as simple as jaywalking or petty theft. Felonies are much more serious, ranging from robbery to murder or rape. The type of sentence that you will receive depends on how the prosecutor charges you for what happened. This is up to the prosecutor’s discretion and based on many factors.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can advocate on your behalf to the prosecutor, presenting your side of the case. In some cases, the defendant pleads guilty to a less serious charge in exchange for the prosecutor’s agreement to drop the more serious charges. The final decision on whether to accept a proposed plea agreement always rests with the defendant.

Depending upon the severity of the crime committed, a defendant who is found guilty may be sentenced to serve some period of probation, to pay a fine, perform community service, make restitution or pay for the monetary losses caused by the crime, or to serve some time in prison. A veteran criminal defense attorney will know how to work with a prosecutor to negotiate a deal that provides for the least severe punishment possible. If no deal can be made, the attorney can mount an aggressive defense in court.

Attorney Laura Helmbrecht has the experience you need on your side during these negotiations. She has worked with prosecutors to minimize sentencing and provide her clients the best possible outcome.

She represents clients facing all types of criminal charges, including:

  • Alcohol offenses, such as DUI and drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Violent offenses, including battery, assault and robbery
  • Juvenile crimes, including minor in possession and underage drinking

To learn more about your options in criminal defense, please call the Columbus office today.