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Personal and responsive service to assertively defend your interests

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ohio’s Traffic Laws

Can I Lose My Driver’s License? Yes.

If you receive too many traffic tickets, your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked. Each time you get a ticket — no matter how minor the infraction — you receive a certain amount of points on your driving record. Most moving violations receive two points. More serious violations receive more. If you receive more than 12 points in two years, your license will be suspended by the BMV.

It is important to deal with tickets as they happen, working with a skilled traffic lawyer to prevent points from accumulating and threatening your driving privileges.

Tickets Also Affect Your Insurance

Insurance companies levy stiff increases against drivers who have tickets, especially if they accumulate multiple tickets. Even after you pay the ticket, you could be looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in increased premiums and costs. This could last for more than three years.

What Are My Options Following A Ticket?

You have the option to fight a ticket. While you could fight it on your own, you are much more likely to be successful and have the ticket dismissed or lowered if you work with an experienced traffic law attorney who understands these procedures and how to best advocate for clients.

Keep a record of what happened. This includes taking photographs, getting contact information for witnesses and keeping a written record of all communication.

What Do I Do If I’m Pulled Over?

Always remain courteous while interacting with police. Comply with his or her requests, which usually include asking for your license and registration. While you want to comply slowly and politely, you do not want to admit to anything, unnecessarily. A radar could have been used improperly, and your admission could be used against you as evidence. Simply keep the exchange brief and courteous.

What If I Miss My Court Date?

A warrant could be issued for your arrest.

Contact Laura Helmbrecht immediately at 614-370-7897 for assistance with researching and quashing your warrant(s) and for assistance with negotiation of the underlying traffic ticket.