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Helping Truckers And Out-Of-State Drivers In Ohio

Due to the size and speed of their vehicles, truck drivers are held to a higher standard than recreational drivers. Essentially, they are professional drivers, so any infraction can have devastating consequences. If you carry a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and have received a traffic ticket, it is crucial that you contact a skilled attorney for Ohio truck drivers and out-of-state drivers.

Protect your driving record.

At the law office of Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law, we understand the severe penalties you face and the aggressive manner needed to protect your driving record. Even a simple violation, such as speeding or improper passing can have disastrous effects on your driving record and, ultimately, your job. We are fully equipped to defend commercial drivers against a wide range of charges and traffic violations. Trust us to protect your record and your future.

Columbus CDL Defense Lawyer

It is important to remember that a conviction for a traffic offense can have serious repercussions even if you are driving your own vehicle on your personal time. Let us help you fight the ticket or have it reduced. If you are convicted of this offense, you face consequences such as fines, jail time and loss of license — which could all ultimately lead to the loss of your job. We can fight to prevent that from happening.

Out-Of-State Drivers

Most often, truck drivers are using Ohio highways to get from the east coast to the west, or from the northern states to Florida. Even if you don’t have an Ohio license, an offense in the state of Ohio can have serious effects on your license. Contact our firm as soon as possible so we can accurately answer your questions and begin defending your right to keep your license and your job.

Contact Our Firm

If you have questions regarding out-of-state driver traffic violations, contact Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law, by calling 614-929-3164 or by completing our online contact form. We offer initial consultations, and we accept all major credit cards for payment. Do not wait — call right now.

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