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Laura Helmbrecht goes the extra mile to defend your interests.

Photo of attorney Laura Helmbrecht
Photo of Attorney Laura Helmbrecht
Photo of Attorney Laura Helmbrecht
Rated by Super Lawyers, Laura Helmbrecht

Experienced Support For Family Law And Traffic Matters

No matter how serious you feel your matter is, it is wise to seek the counsel of a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Whether you are considering a divorce or facing a speeding ticket, a knowledgeable lawyer can listen to the facts of your case and provide guidance regarding the legal process and your best course of action. Every call is important to us.

Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law has extensive experience and is respected among her peers in several practice areas. Our law firm is fully equipped to handle cases involving family law matters, as well as traffic violations.

Many people hesitate to contact an attorney as they attempt to resolve their legal matters on their own. Even something seemingly simple, like a traffic ticket, can quickly become complicated by paperwork, timelines and severe consequences. We encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible, so we can begin fighting for your rights and fair treatment.

Photo of Attorney Laura Helmbrecht
Rated by Super Lawyers, Laura Helmbrecht





Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law

Helping People In Columbus Protect Their Rights And Records

Over 15 Years Of Personal Service and Favorable Results

Laura is known for her knowledgeable counsel. Since 2006, she has represented clients in practice areas including:

  • Family law: Including divorce and dissolution, child support and child custody
  • Traffic law: Including speeding and high-speed tickets, commercial drivers, repeat offenses and reckless driving

At Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law, we pride ourselves on providing personal service, individual attention and prompt communication. We understand that our clients are frustrated and confused by the legal process. It is our goal to guide them through these matters quickly and efficiently.

Let us fight on your behalf.

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Over 40 Five-Star Reviews on Google and Avvo


Very Professional And Knowledgeable

“Working with Laura was awesome! She was very responsive and very confident. She was very professional and knowledgeable in handling an issue for my daughter. She handled the situation in an expedient manner and compassionate heart. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking legal help.”

– C.V.


Exceptional Lawyer

“Exceptional lawyer. I reached out to Laura for help in a traffic matter. Laura was a true partner, she listened to my objectives, she communicated often, and she was very responsive to my inquiries. She also kept me informed of the different options and the pros and cons with each. At the end, the outcome exceeded my expectations.

– A.


Highly Recommend

“I have had several opportunities to interact with Mrs. Helmbrecht and I would highly recommend her law expertise to anyone!! Mrs. Helmbrecht is a hard worker and is dedicated to every case she is involved in. From my interaction, she has shown herself to be an honest, compassionate and fair individual.”

– F.H.

Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law

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