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“Laura helped us tremendously and effectively through a traffic violation here in Columbus, We were new to the area and unsure of our options, and she not only assured us that everything would be okay, which it was, she guided us through the process and we were able to walk away happily.”
June 2018

“I have had several opportunities to interact with Mrs. Helmbrecht and I would highly recommend her law expertise to anyone!! Mrs. Helmbrecht is a hard worker and is dedicated to every case she is involved in. From my interaction, she has shown herself to be an honest, compassionate and fair individual.”
F. H.
April 2018

“I’ve known Laura for several years and she is very dedicated to her clients. She goes the extra mile to help them. Furthermore, she has extensive legal knowledge & is well respected amongst her peers.”
M. B.
April 2018

“Admittedly I’m not a client, but I am a lawyer colleague of hers and have seen her work firsthand. We’ve had several cases together, but one case from last year stands out. I represented the mom and she represented the dad. Our clients objected to a child support assessment by children services. Laura took the time to spot groundbreaking legal issues in the case. She was such a strong advocate for her client that she felt the need to join me in appealing our cases all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, even though it was a court-appointed case and there wasn’t a lot of money in it for her. Laura is personable, but isn’t afraid to tackle cases with tough issues either.”
D. G.
April 2018

“Working with Laura was awesome! She was very responsive and very confident. She was very professional and knowledgeable in handling an issue for my daughter. She handled the situation in an expedient manner and compassionate heart. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking legal help.”
C. V.
October 2017

“Laura is awesome she helped me withe my case that I could have never handled by myself and she kept me up to date.”
October 2016

My 16 year old son received his first moving violation that seemed pretty harsh. I didn’t know where to turn for legal help so like all Americans I Googled it. I didn’t know anything about her but liked the information I read. I could not believe how responsive she is. This is not normal from my personal experience. She is very knowledgeable in her field, I felt bad to bother her for this matter but she took it very serious and kept us in the loop every step of the way. Again the communication is great. To make this long story short she was able to have the entire ticket dismissed and we are very appreciative for her efforts and commitment to help my son. Amazing job for us, thank you Laura.”
September 2016

She is amazing. Hired Laura for my divorce case in 2015. Divorce was a very hard process for me. I am so glad to have her on my side as my advocate because she was very understanding and good at resolving my divorce issues.”
August 2016

“I hired Laura for my divorce which also involved the custody of my daughter. My ex-husband is a drug user which made my case difficult but Laura was always there to answer all my questions and help me through the whole process. In the end she helped me get supervised visits for my daughter and I got custody. Afterwards I referred her to a friend of mine regarding his custody case and Laura was able to get him custody of his son. Laura always responded to my calls and emails. I couldn’t be happier with the way she handled my case especially because sometimes I can be a lot and we had some drama along the way but she never skipped a beat and made me feel so comfortable!
Thank You”
August 2016

Above and beyond. Hired Laura to fight a very minor fender bender accident (small dent to the bumper, airbags deployed)- in which I was at fault. But what was expedited to be an easy case was quite the contrary. It lasted over 5 months, as the “victim” was adamant about not dropping the charges. Laura went to court 4 different times and only charged me the original fee. I have a company car and am on their insurance so it was imperative to get the charges dismissed and off my record. Laura went above and beyond and the charges were completely dismissed with zero points on my license. Highly recommended.”
August 2016

“Dedicated attorney, goes the extra mile for clients.”
S. G.
August 2016

“I am very satisfied with the service I received from Helmbrecht Law Co.. Laura answered my phone calls, they were returned in a timely manner, my questions were answered and my experience with your firm was pleasant. I would refer my friends and family to your firm. Thank you for assisting me with this matter. Thank You”
S. L.
August 2016

Exceptional lawyer. I reached out to Laura for help in a traffic matter. Laura was a true partner, she listened to my objectives, she communicated often, and she was very responsive to my inquiries. She also kept me informed of the different options and the pros and cons with each. At the end the outcome exceeded my expectations.
October 2015

“In a profession where quantity means revenue, Laura found a way to deliver quality and partnership to her clients. If you’re looking for an engaged partner to represent you, I would highly recommend reaching out to Laura. She is amazing!!
B. O.
November 2015

Excellent Lawyer. Laura….is an exceptional lawyer who really takes the time to make sure her clients are taken care of. She constantly kept me updated with my case and answered all questions I had.”
June 2007