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Personal and responsive service to assertively defend your interests

Personal and responsive service to assertively defend your interests

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We Can Guide You Through Divorce Decisions

The decisions you make in divorce will frame your future for years after you and your spouse part ways. It is important that you have an attorney who thoroughly understands the process and can provide a strategy that best meets your specific needs and goals.

Attorney Laura Helmbrecht provides individualized care and attention, as well as years of experience in helping divorcing spouses. She will take the time to understand your priorities for the divorce and create a plan to help achieve those goals.

If you are getting a divorce, contact a lawyer who provides knowledgeable and caring guidance at each step in the process. Call Laura Helmbrecht today for a consultation.

Solutions In Divorce, Dissolution And Annulment

In Ohio, a marriage can be ended through:

  • Divorce — A divorce does not require an agreement between the spouses. In fact, both spouses do not even need to be present. In Ohio, the divorce must meet one of 11 criteria, including adultery, absence, cruelty, habitual drunkenness, neglect of duty, fraudulent contract, imprisonment and incompatibility.
  • Dissolution — This decree is granted when both spouses agree on all terms of the separation, terminating their marriage and dividing their assets. They must agree on all terms of child issues, including custody, support and parenting time.
  • Annulment — This decree essentially declares that the marriage never existed. These are rarely granted, and there must be evidence that something extreme occurred, like fraud or force.

Attorney Laura Helmbrecht provides the answers and options you need to make informed decisions that are best for you, your children and your future. Throughout the process — from child custody matters to the division of property — she will protect your personal and financial interests with strategies that are tailored to you and your situation.

Please contact family law attorney Laura Helmbrecht to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.