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Some say that the only constant in life is change. And when circumstances change, sometimes modifications are necessary. Even when it comes to parenting and custody agreements. Custody agreements can be modified to fit changing situations, but there are guidelines and requirements for these types of modifications.

When Does This Happen?

When can someone modify a custody agreement? The guidelines are slightly different in every state. In Ohio, parents can modify custody agreements if there has been a change in circumstances for either parent or the children. The court can also modify the agreement if the current arrangement no longer suits your child’s best interests. What does this mean realistically? Here are a few examples of circumstances that can permit a modification:

  • Changing physical or mental health of either parent
  • Changes in the ability of either parent to provide adequate care to their child
  • The child’s preferences
  • Substance, domestic or child abuse
  • Harm caused or negative effects on child’s life

These modifications can be a challenge to discern and navigate. But Attorney Laura Helmbrecht can help parents determine if a modification is required or necessary, and assist with the process of petitioning the court and getting the modification put in place. She can provide the necessary advice and guidance parents need to make sure the modification sticks, or have an unnecessary modification declared so.

How Does The Process Work?

If a parent decides a modification is necessary, they need to file a petition with the court. If both parents agree on the modification, this process is relatively simple. It involves paying a filing fee and completing several forms.

However, if one parent objects to the modification, there are additional steps they need to take in order to prove the modification is necessary. The court will ask for proof of the changing circumstances. In either situation, whether you are defending a modification or objecting to one, Laura can help you make sure you, and your child’s interests are heard and accounted for.

Get More Important Information

If you’re seeking a modification or trying to prevent one, you can get more information from Laura Helmbrecht, Attorney at Law. Use the online contact form or call 614-929-3164 to set up an appointment or get more information about your case.

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