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How transporting hazardous materials in Ohio can threaten your CDL license

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2023 | Traffic Law

Ohio requires strict precautions for truck drivers transporting hazardous materials within or through the state in an effort to limit the risk of public exposure. These laws take two forms: regulating where commercial trucks carrying hazardous materials may be driven and enhanced penalties on standard moving violations. Either type of violation can threaten your commercial driver’s license.

First, to be allowed to transport hazardous material, you must register annually with the U.S. Department of Transportation and pay the required fee. The driver is responsible for the safe transport from the time they receive it until they deliver it to a proper storage, treatment or disposal facility. It could be the driver’s responsibility to repay damages for any leak, spillage or other exposure.

Restricted access to Columbus

Also, the city of Columbus restricts hazardous material transport within the city limits. Drivers who are passing through with such material without a pickup or delivery within the city must stay on Interstate 270 or obtain a permit to enter the city. Failure to comply usually means a charge of Transport of Hazardous Materials, a first-degree misdemeanor, and a ticket for Traffic Control Device. The latter puts two points on your CDL license and is a moving violation.

Anything that can possibly take away your CDL license, and therefore your ability to earn a living, must be addressed as soon as possible. An attorney who practices CDL law on behalf of truck drivers can explain the law and your options so you can make necessary decisions about your defense.